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At this moment laboratory medicine is organized in a way that patients have to go to a phlebotomy unit for blood collection or to hand in urine or feces. Only highly trained healthcare professionals are allowed to collect blood by venipuncture. Blood collected by venipuncture needs to be prepared for analysis or storage within a few hours after collection. So, the current process of blood collection is a logistic challenge with little regard for the wellbeing of patients. It is our goal that healthcare professionals and patients become more equal partners in diagnostics and treatment. Patients are enabled to collect their own body fluids with the products of Labonovum.


Labonovum BV (ltd. in Dutch Law) is a 100% Dutch biotechnology company, specialized in medical laboratory diagnostics. We bring innovative solutions and new products into the market. With our products patient will be more involved with their own care, one of the goals of the current public health policy.